The Hourglass (High Compression)


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It is a postsurgical molding girdle that offers you greater control in waist, abdomen and back. It has 3 levels of clasps that fit your measurements, which helps the process of inflammation.  In addition, it offers partial coverage in the back, which benefits the lumbar region. The abdominal area has double reinforcement providing a high compression and allowing a firmer control, which helps to control inflammation, prevent fluid retention and speed up healing time and tissue regeneration. It is made with smart fabrics that make it more comfortable, fresh and with a high power of adjustment and repeating of its original shape. It is suitable for postoperative and aesthetic procedures, as it provides safety in movements and helps to reduce pain. Its daily use favors good posture and shapes the body. The Cocoa color gives an optical effect so that it is not shown outerwear and hides the marks of blood or body fluids.

* Lined 100% in Lycra for greater softness and comfort. * Viveltex protect components that contribute to the recovery and hydration of your skin. 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane.

Note:  Healing Components and Vitamins in garment will last up to 20 washes, please wash with baby detergent and air dry


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