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What exactly is Shapewear?  Shapewear is a control undergarment used to hide and control unwanted bulging, muffin tops, love handles and that embarrassing god-awful FUPA. Shapewear is popular because it gives a sense of control. The control every woman desires. I mean who doesn’t want to feel confident when getting dressed; the right fitting shapewear will do that.  These high quality garments are made with soft linens which feels great on the skin and these garments are best selling because they have No lines, No seams and No hooks.  

Now let’s talk about Control. We found the Holy Grail of Control with our Boned High Waisted Control Panties.  These High Compression Panties have 4 Metal Bones to keep the garment up and Side Compression for those unwanted love handles. Yes Orchid! These panties are everything!!  You can’t go wrong with these everyday high compression panties. Our Surgery and Non-Surgery community alike absolutely love them!!  

What’s the FAJA difference


Great Question!  The biggest most recognizable difference in a Faja vs Shapewear is Compression and Hardware. 


What’s the Compression difference in the Fajas.  


The Daily or Low Compression Garments are our weakness garments, the compression level is Low. 

The Medium Compression Garments are worn immediately after cosmetic, plastic or female surgeries such as; Hysterectomies, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction (Lipo) or a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Mid Strength means these garments are made with mostly Lycra.    

The High Compression Garments are highly sought after by for our Surgery Community. These much tighter garments are made with Powernet Material and less Lyrca. These garments help the body return to its original shape or “new” sculpture with “intense compression” 3-4 weeks after surgery. The higher compression assist with the re-attachment of skin tissue and settling or (fluffing) of fat cells which usually happens 3-6 months after surgery.   

The other huge difference is the hardware. Most Fajas are known for their hooks or zippers which assist with higher compression. The hooks on a Faja allow you to adjust your level of compression.  The hooks are also great for those of us stuffing the faja with foams or boards for added compression/resistance which should change over weeks after surgery or weight loss as your body changes. 

If you’ve purchased a Faja or you’re undecided you should know getting into a Faja can be challenging; however once your in… your in.  The restroom can be the most intimidating and/or challenging and we understand the struggle; that’s why we only carry Fajas with a Zipper, Flap or Large Crotch opening so you can go to restroom with ease. We recommend not wearing panties under the garment for ease of restroom use.

Now caring for your garment is just as important as the choosing the right garment. We highly recommend/suggest you hand wash or delicate wash your Faja in a garment bag. Only use lite detergent. Do not twist or wring. Do not put in the dryer. Only hang to dry and please do not use bleach or iron the garment. 

Overall at Raw Orchid, we pride ourselves in providing you the very best Shapewear and Fajas on the market.  Most of the garments in our catalog are authentic Colombian Fajas made in Colombia. Please note the authenticity of the garment when it arrives and look for the Colombian flag on the bag.   

If you need assistance with sizing or not sure which garment is right for you, please watch the video below from one of our top selling brands Delie. Please email us at or PM us on Facebook or Instagram


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